Without music life would be a mistake. Friedrich Nietzsche

"People seldom achieve success if are occupied with that doesn't give them pleasure."
Deyl Carnegie

   Feeling a necessity in self-realization of creative ideas young ambitious musicians have decided to form their unique, different from others, musical group.
   The optimal and the most interesting variant has become the quintet. Besides this is not the brass-quintet, which consists of trombone, tuba, horns and two tгumpet. Our variant is with one tгumpet and clarinet.

It makes much better arrangement and sounding of ensemble due to the clarinet timbre, its diapason and technical possibilities. Moreover in respect that the main accent in the repertoire is made on seldom performed but demanded music – Dixieland. .
   The instruments, such as flugelhorn, mi-bemolny clarinet, soprano-saxophone, harmonica, doba, maracases, castanets, are used in arrangement of the quintet. The important place in dixielands takes banjo, the timbre of which gives to sounding of ensemble the unique atmosphere of the epoch of the early jazz.
   The calling “Liberty” is from the Italian concept “liberty” – the mix of styles, and the English “liberty”– freedom, that is the freedom in the choice of repertoire, style of playing and the genre of composition.
   The group got involved in the concert activity of town and republican events, went with performances to musical schools and culture establishments, and also represented the Republic of the International musical forums.

   Since the 28 till 31 of May 2010 our group participated in International festival of brass band music by V.Sokolik’s name “Fanfare of Yalta”, where we became prizewinner of the 1-st level
   Since the 20 till 22 of May 2011 there was the All-Ukraine festival of the brass and pop band music “Tavriiskie surmy”, which gave to our quintet “Liberty” the 1-st place in the nomination “Ensemble”.
   Taking part in International festival “Fanfare of Yalta 2011” gave to our group the calling of the prizewinner of the 1-st level and other diplomas to the quintet’s members.
   The 23 of July 2011 the quintet “Liberty” took part in the ceremony of the closing of Odessa International cinema festival, playing on the scene of Odessa national academic theatre of opera and ballet.
   Since the 23 till 25 of September 2011 the quintet “Liberty” was invited to take part in Odessa International Jazz festival “Jazz Fest 2011”, where played energetic dixielands at the concert areas of the musical forum.
   The 27 of November 2011 the quintet “Liberty” participated in the Festival Jazz music, which was devoted to Soso Iremashvili’s memory “SOSO. JAZZ…”, where we represented to the audience traditional dixielands. It was in the town Southern (the Ukraine).
   The united concert of the quintet “Liberty” and the ensemble “The alive drums” (t. Poltava) took place the 6 of Mart 2012 on the scene of the state theatre of drama and comedy by Aronetskaya’s name within the framework of International festival of the art “Mertsishor 2012”. The 15 of November within the framework of city program “The development of partnerships Poltava with cities of the world” there was a united reciprocal concert of the quintet “Liberty” and the ensemble “The alive drums”. It was in Poltava’s city palace of culture.
   Since the 22 till the 26 of November the XI-st orchestral assemblies took place in the Moscow State university of culture and art. Within the framework of its there was a concert performance of the quintet “Liberty” with the program “Dixie”, which based on traditional themes of genre of early period.
   The 3-rd of March 2013. The Palace of the Republic. The International art festival “Mertsishor”. The joint concert. The quintet “Liberty” – the brass-ensemble "Take Five" (c. Kishinev, Moldova), Veronica Delibalt (c. Odessa, the Ukrain).
   The 2-nd of May 2013 the quintet “Liberty” participated in the opening of the International festival “The constellation of good”, which took place in National Philharmonic of Kishinev. Here the quintet “Liberty” presented to participants the sense of appearance in the hall strolling musicians of early XX century one of the southern states of New World.
   “Liberty to people” – from these words the quintet “Liberty” began its performance at the open air concert. Since the 19 till 22 of September there was the opening of The International jazz festival "Odessa Jazz Fest 2013". It was marked with the sounding of DIXIE, which returned the audience for centuries ago to the jazz origins.
   The 27-th of September 2013, c.Tiraspol. The Palace of the Republic. The International festival "ETHNO JAZZ". Participants: the quintet “Liberty”, trio "NETNAKISUM" (Austria), trio "WORLD KORA TRIO" (the USA, Mali, France).

   Today the quintet “Liberty” is a band interested in the search of new performing possibilities. The band’s repertoire includes classical compositions, remakes of folk, brass music and also the main and more demanded genre – jazz compositions and dixielands.